Alla Monty python

Monty Python,what is Monty Python? 

John Marwood Cleese: Born 1939-10-27 in Weston-super-Mare,Somerset,England.

Graham Arthur Chapman: Born 1941-01-08 in Leicester,England, Died:1989-10-04 in Maidstone,Kent,England.

Michael Edward Palin: Born 1943-05-05 in Ranmoore,Sheffield,West Riding of Yorkshire,England.

Terence Graham Parry "Terry" Jones: Born 1942-02-01 in Colwyn Bay,Denbighshire,Wales.

Eric Idle: Born 1943-03-29 in South Shields,County Durham,England.

Terrence Vance " Terry" Gilliam: Born 1940-11-22 in Minneapolis,Minnesota,U.S.

And! In my opinion,of course Carol Cleveland should be here !

Carol Cleveland: Born 1942-01-13 in London,England.