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Alla Monty python

Monty Python,What's Monty Python?The answer! The funniest gang that ever set foot on Earth.

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John Marwood Cleese: Born 1939-10-27 in Weston-super-Mare,Somerset,England.

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Graham Arthur Chapman: Born 1941-01-08 in Leicester,England, Died:1989-10-04 in Maidstone,Kent,England.

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Michael Edward Palin: Born 1943-05-05 in Ranmoore,Sheffield,West Riding of Yorkshire,England.

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Terence Graham Parry "Terry" Jones: Born 1942-02-01 in Colwyn Bay,Denbighshire,Wales. Died: 2020-01-21 in London .

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Eric Idle: Born 1943-03-29 in South Shields,County Durham,England.

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Terrence Vance " Terry" Gilliam: Born 1940-11-22 in Minneapolis,Minnesota,US.

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And ! In my opinion,of course Carol Cleveland should be here !

Carol Cleveland: Born 1942-01-13 in London,England. Carol Clevleland

Several other people must be mentioned who have participated in and made Monty Python the most fun in the world. Those people are under the link. Other important contributors to Monty Python.