Sorry, the entire website is under construction. Takes time, be patient.                                              Kent-Mikael Edoffs tribute to Monty Python and to Monty Python collectors. 

This is an attempt from my side to pay tribute to the funniest people who together formed Monty Python.

As the fanatic Monty Python person I am, of course I have visited some places where Monty Python recorded movies,along with my best friend.

We had two wonderful trips in Scotland ,stayed in Edinburgh. To visit these holy places where Monty Python´s members acted in the movie Holy Grail were incredible.That Scotland is unbelievably beautiful does not "make it worse".

It will be added more photos in Monty Python´s footsteps as soon as it becomes possible to travel and tourist normally again? .

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At last.JPG

At last! This has been a dream since 1977. Swamp Castle or Castle Anthrax alias Doune castle in Scotland,  2017.


Arthur: Whoa there ! 2017.


We are waiting for our giant rabbit to arrive.Well now, Launcelot, Galahad and I wait untill nightfall and then leap out of the rabbit and take the French by surprise, not only by surprise but totally unarmed and .............. (2017)


Swamp castle,Castle Anthrax or if you want? Doune castle in beautiful Scotland.(2017)

Vakt på Swamp Castle.JPG

Me as one of the guards in Swamp castle.(2017)


Father:One day,lad,all this will be yours...... Prince:What -the curtains?? (2017)


Sir Launcelot running up spiral staircase to save? No,but my friend is! (2017)

Push the pram.JPG

I have to push the pram alot. (2017)


First guard: Ah! Now.... we´re not allowed to................ (2017)


First guard: Not..... to leave the room ..... even if you come and get him. (2017)


I headed up the stairs in the castle of Anthrax to face the peril .(2017)

Sir Galahad.JPG

Me looking for Zoot and eightscore young blondes, all between sixteen and nineteen and half, cut off in this castle .Have not found them yet,but I do not give up. There´s only a hundred and fifty of them .(2017) 

Jag och Loch Tay.JPG

Me and my friend on our way up to the cave of Cearbannog, beautiful Scotland and Loch Tay in the background.  Love Scotland. (2017)

Cave of Cearbannog28.JPG

In front of the Cerbannog cave , my good friend Mikael Forsberg. (2017)

In front of Cave of cearbannog.JPG

In front of Cave of Cearbannog,me and Mikael Forsberg. At the same time, a couple from Georgia,US were on their way to cave of Cearbannog.One of them took this photo.Thanks.(2018)

One from Sweden one from USA ..JPG

One from Sweden and to the right from Georgia ,US. (2018)

To Late.JPG

Me at the Cearbannog cave.Discovered that it was too late,the rabbit was already out. (2017)

I soiled my armor.JPG

You tit.I soiled my armour I was so scared.(2017)

Kanin o Kokosnötsskal.JPG

The rabbit in the Cearbannog cave .The rabbit and coconut shell was added by a former Monty Python fan.(2017)

Cave of Cearbannog27.JPG

After a successful throw with the Holy hand grenade from Antioch.Then I could enter the cave of Cearbannog."He who is valorous and pure of heart may find the Holy Grail in the aaaaarrrrrggghhh .............." (2017)


If you have walked in Monty Pythons footstep. It requires liquid :-)  Edinburgh is a perfect place to absorb fluid :-) . Me in one of Edinburg´s finest pubs. (2017)


One of Edinburgh´s oldest pubs.(2017)


Let´s test if the fluid is of the same quality her? (2017)


Now we ride on to other places in Scotland, in Monty Python´s footstep (2017)

On our way to Tim.JPG

Now,we´re on our way to searching for enchanter Tim. (2018)


Unfortunately, enchanter Tim was not there. (2018)

In Scene 24.JPG

On the way to the soothsayer to ask about Holy Grail. Unfortunately,the "house" has ripped and the soothsayer was not there. (2018)

Bridge of death1.jpg

On our way to Bridge of Death. If you look close you can see red lines. That´s where the bridge was. We went to the wrong direction first. When we realized this,it was to far to go back. Therefor, there is great distance on the photo.No signs or any information posted. Incomprehensible that the Scottish tourist Office does not use the fact that Monty Python filmed there. People from three countries were there when we were. (2018)

Castle Aaargh.JPG

In front of castle Aaaaargh, and on our way there.(2018)

Mr Arthur with an ducks head.JPG

Ha ha !Hello ! Smelly English K.... niggets... and Monsieur King ,who has the brain of an duck,you know.We french persons outwit you a second time,perfidious English mousedropping hoardes... how you say: "Begorrah!" (2018)


At last.Standing here has been a dream for me since 1977.Finally Castle Aaaargh . (castle Stalker). Thanks to the Monty python fanatic from the US,whose name was Chris? He took this photo. (2018)

Just ignore them.JPG

yes,depart a lot at this time,and cut the approaching any more or we fire arrows into the tops of your heads and make castanets of your testicles alredy.

Me: Walk away.Just ignore him .

One happy Amerikan ,name, Chris ..JPG

A happy Amerikan. Think his name was Chris? (2018)


This is inside the castle Aaaaargh (Stalker) This man(to the right) is one of the owner of the castle Stalker. He guided us through the castle with lots of fun stories both about Monty Python and the Holy Grail and the castle.He was himself in the movie Holy Grail.(2018)


He is the fourth soldier from the right.(2018)

Holy Ale.jpg

Of course,you have to moisten your throat with Holy Grail when you make a Monty Python pilgrimage. Tempered over burning witches . Very tasty.(2018)

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