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Monty Python Spam, spam, spam spam. All Vikings like Spam? Monty Python's Wafer Thin Mints and much more will come as I have time.Everything on this site has been sold and manufactured with the approval of Python (Monty) Pictures Ltd.

To commemorate the grand opening of the Broadway show Monty Python´s SPAMALOT, Hormel issued a special limited edition Monty Python brand of its tinned meat product Spam.Golden Honey Grail was made available to the first 100 fans in line at the official opening of New York’s Shubert Theatre box office on Monday, Dec. 6, 2004.Golden honey grail spam was made available, in limited quantities in February 2005 at select New York City retailers, including Broadway merchandise stores and the Shubert Theatre merchandise kiosks. The can features Monty Python´s SPAMALOT artwork and characters. " Best By Feb 2008" Unopened.

Monty Python Spamalot Golden Honey Grail 1Monty Python Spamalot Golden Honey Grail 2Monty Python Spamalot Golden Honey Grail 3

Monty Python Wafer Thin Mints.On the side of the box it says, Bon Apetit.On the other side of the box it says, I Couldn´t Eat Another Thing.Made 2013.Unopened.

Wafer Thin Mints 1Wafer Thin Mints 2Wafer Thin Mints 3

If you are a real Monty Python fan, you should of course have an Official Gumby Kit at home. You could buy them on the Monty Python Official Site. Sorry Sold out. But they have more for Monty Python fans on Monty Pythons Official page.Here is the link to.  Monty Python Official Site

Mr Gumby Kit 1Mr Gumby Kit 2Mr Gumby Kit 3


Monty Python Trojan Rabbit. Made in 2006.

Monty Python Trojan Rabbit 1Monty Python Trojan Rabbit 2Monty Python Trojan Rabbit 3Monty Python Trojan Rabbit 4

Do you want to look well-dressed?So Monty Python has released nice ties in different colors and motifs. Of course with a Monty Python connection.Most of the ties were made in England in 2000.I have managed to buy nine different ones so far.

9Monty Python Tie 19Monty Python Tie 29Monty Python Tie 3 

Blackmail, a sketch that all Monty Python fans are familiar with. This tin can is an officially licensed Monty Python piggy bank, featuring artwork from the Blackmail sketch; the label reads "Blackmail Fund - Save here in case you need to pay up!"; the label encourages you to save for: "Illicit Weekends," "Bondage Gear," and "Letters of Denial to the Press.Now that I have the tin can, let's see if I can get any use for it. :-) .Made in 1999.

Blackmail 1Blackmail 2Blackmail 3Blackmail 4

Monty Python Bronze Statuette. Monty Python - Black Knight Motivation Statue 2020.Only 500 copies were produced.As you can see in the photo, they are numbered and my copy has, as you can see, No. 181.

Monty Python Bronze Statuette 1Monty Python Bronze Statuette 2Monty Python Bronze Statuette 3Monty Python Bronze Statuette 4Monty Python Bronze Statuette 5Monty Python Bronze Statuette 6Monty Python Bronze Statuette 7Monty Python Bronze Statuette 8

Monty Python Rabbit With Big Pointy Teeth. That's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!There are several variants of Monty Python Rabbit With Pointy Teeth. The rarest, (The bloody version is limited to 500). The edition on the photos was published in 2001copyrighted and is a trademark Python(Monty) Pictures. Ltd. Published under license bu ToyVailt. As you can see, my copy is a little faded. According to the seller, it has been standing by a window, so the sun has bleached the colors. But unused and still in the original box.

Rabbit With Big Pointy TeethRabbit With Big Pointy Teeth 2Rabbit With Big Pointy Teeth 3

Monty Python has also issued stamps. Monty Python has also attracted the attention of Royal Mail by issuing 2 different stamps with Monty Python motifs.And stamps also from .St.Vincent Stamps to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Monty Python's Flying Circus, held in 1999. Printed in 2000. Monty Python and the Holy Grail stamps. Printed in 2000. Monty Python stamp from Republic of Turkmenistan featuring Terry Gilliam artwork from Monty Python's Flying. Printed in 2000. Royal Mail celebrates Monty Python 2015, see their website.Link below.Monty Python stamps Republic Du Benin 2014 . Monty Python Spamalot stamp, Royal mail celebrate Monty Python Spamalot theatre 2011.

Royal Mail Celebrates Monty Python - News


Monty Python 30 years anniversaryMonty Python Holy Grail StampsMonty Python stamps Turkmenistan Monty Python StampMonty Python stamprepublic Du benin 2014Monty Python Spamalot

Monty Python Mugs.Monty Python has published various series of mugs over the years.Through its own company,Python(Monty) Pictures.Ltd,or in collaboration with other manufacturers. As a Monty Python Collector's Mug,it must be marked with Python(Monty) Pictures.Ltd or otherwise prove that it is a mug that has Monty Python's approval.Unfortunately,there are countless mugs for sale that have motifs from Monty Python films or series that have not been published in collaboration with Python(Monty)Pictures.Ltd or in collaboration with Monty Python.For me,they have no collector's value.Mug in original box and unused is of course preferable and has a higher value for me.So watch out for all those mugs with Monty Python motifs but not published by Python(Monty)Pictures.Ltd or in collaboration with Monty Python.

In 1995, Monty Python released 6 different mugs for their 25 1/2 anniversary. Designed by The Ink Group of Australia, this coffee mug is a limited edition collectors item, produced in celebration of Monty Python's 25 1/2 anniversary. Mug comes in its own decorated cardboard box. The "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" coffee mug features artwork by Terry Gilliam and the complete lyrics to the song Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.

Bright Side Mug1Bright Side Mug2Bright Side Mug3


Monty Python Eyes Mug.The "Eyes" coffee mug features classic artwork by Terry Gilliam; no text.

Monty Python Eyes Mug 1Monty Python Eyes Mug 2Monty Python Eyes Mug 3

Monty Python Conquistador Mug. The "Conquistador Coffee" coffee mug features Terry Gilliam artwork and text from The Conquistador Coffee Campaign sketch.

Conquistador Mug 1Conquistador Mug 2Conquistador Mug 3

Monty Python Ministry Of Silly walking Mug. Unfortunately some handling damage to the original box. But both the box and the mug are new and have been in stock in the store for a decade, wrote the shop owner/seller. But I bought it despite the damage to the original box as I haven't seen a single similar mug for sale in the original box for several years.